Best Packing Tips for Your Trip to Key West

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If you’ve never been to Key West, you’re probably wondering how to best pack your suitcase and make sure you have everything you need while still making sure it’s not too heavy. Take advantage of this advice from experienced travelers as you prepare for your trip. 

Pack the Sunscreen

No matter how much you love the sun and feel like a healthy, natural tan is your goal, you may not be prepared for the strength and intensity of the sun’s rays in Key West. While you might be okay walking around, say, Duval Street and shopping or dining on the famous grilled lobster at Eaton Street Seafood Market and Restaurant, it’s a whole different story when you’re on the water all day. That sunlight isn’t just coming at you from above; it’s also coming at you from below, reflected off the water. Do yourself a favor and pack the sunscreen to avoid ruining the rest of your trip with a painful and peeling sunburn. 

Bring Comfortable and Slip-Resistant Shoes

Much of Key West is walkable, so you’ll want to make it easy on yourself to get around. Cute sandals for going out to dinner or thin flip flops for the beach are one thing, but if you’re strolling Duval Street, standing at the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, or biking around town, you’ll want to know your feet are pampered and protected.

The same goes for a charter fishing trip excursion with All In Fishing Charters. Even the calmest seas can be quickly whipped up by waves, and the wet boat deck is a slipping hazard. Shoes with good tread and that are secured to your feet help you avoid bruises, abrasions, or broken bones after a fall, to say nothing of painful and sore feet from over-exertion. If you take care of your feet while on vacation, they’ll take care of you!

Bring an Extra Bathing Suit

Not everyone loves bathing suit shopping, but it’s important to bring an extra. You may find yourself on a self-guided tour and decide to make an unplanned stop at one of the four public beaches in Key West. How frustrating to be at the beach but not have anything suitable to wear in the water! A trip to Dry Tortugas can be a really long day, and you may not want to sit in a wet swimsuit on the ferry ride home; a dry swimsuit doesn’t take up much room in your backpack or day bag.

Leave Room in Your Suitcase

Even if you don’t plan on stocking up with souvenirs, you are likely to want to bring home at least one or two mementos from your trip. It’s best to ensure your luggage has at least a little extra room to accommodate those purchases. However, if that’s not the case, you can still use some popular packing tricks to make it work.

Consider wrapping your items in your clothing or tucking them between layers of clothes. If that’s still a little snug, try rolling your clothes tightly; sometimes that gives you just a couple of more inches, and that can make all the difference in making your treasure fit while still being protected. 

A Light Jacket or Sweater

Key West is known for its warm and beautiful weather, and you’re likely to have sunny skies no matter what time of year you visit. However, being out on the water can leave you chilled. Those ocean breezes or the speed of the vessel you’re traveling on may leave you wishing you had something warm to wear. In addition, many indoor places in Key West are air-conditioned, and a light jacket can simply make you feel more comfortable. You’ll be better able to focus on your meal or the museum exhibits instead of how cold you might be. 

Power Bank

You normally might not need the extra juice from a power bank for your mobile phone in your day-to-day life. But going somewhere special like Key West may mean that you’re using it in ways that are out of the ordinary for you. From being tuned into music during a flight or video recording your adventures, you may find that your phone isn’t going to make it through the day without being plugged in. When that’s not possible because you’re not home, a power bank offers the convenience and peace of mind you can count on. 

A vacation is an exciting opportunity to explore someplace new, and knowing what to pack makes a big difference in making sure you have what you need for your trip. These are only a few simple tips to get you started so you can focus on having a good time, which is the point of your trip.

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