Experience Gifts – A New Dimension of Giving

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We give presents to family, friends and work colleagues and it can be quite a challenge to find the right gift. What do you buy for the guy or girl who has everything? Enter the experience gift, where the recipient has a unique experience to cherish forever and there are so many experience gifts, there is sure to be one that is just right. 

Diverse range of experience gifts

There are a few experience gift providers here in Australia; you could, for example, book your partner in for a racing car experience weekend at a top racetrack; after a few lessons on theory, he gets to drive a Ferrari around the track for a few laps. A complete day of motor racing, topped with getting behind the wheel of a real supercar! Your brother is the kind of guy who would love to jump out of an airplane at 12,000 ft; tandem skydiving is one of many extreme sports that you can gift to a loved one.

Learning new skills

Some people are lifelong learners and love nothing more than receiving a course on Thai cooking, or carpentry, or even pottery making. Start by searching for an experience gift provider and when you find the perfect experience, include the voucher in a bouquet from a same-day flower delivery in Sydney and make their day!

3-year validity

The recipient has a full 3 years in which to arrange the experience, so there is no rush and they can fit it into their schedule. Experience gifts are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or indeed, any special occasion. If you are planning a long trip, click here for packing tips.

Guided museum tours

If your mum is really into art and history, why not present her with a guided museum tour? Sydney has some amazing museums, with organized walking tours that take in old inns and arts and crafts stores. For someone who doesn’t know Sydney, there are some great tours and they run every week. 

Nature related 

Whale-watching is very popular and Sydney is the perfect place to board one of the special vessels and head out to the region where the humpback whales hang out. The whales migrate from the cold waters of Antarctica down past Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney where the females give birth and a few months later, they make the return trip back to their feeding grounds. You can present a guided tour in one of the many National Parks and the lucky recipient can choose their date.

Say it with flowers

The best way to present your experience gift is with a bouquet and with affordable same-day delivery from a leading Sydney-based florist, you can arrange everything online. Flowers have long been a favourite way to say ‘thank you’ and to show your appreciation, so make sure you send your experience gift with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Life is all about experiences and rather than buying a tangible item, you can arrange for the lucky recipient to enjoy a unique experience tailored to suit.

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