How to Get HBO Max For Android from any region?

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HBO is a popular streaming platform with millions of subscribers devouring the vast collection of movies and TV shows available on the platform. With its popularity soaring, HBO has been trying to push its portfolio with the recent launch of HBO Max, costing $15 a month. 

HBO Max is like heaven for TV shows and movie lovers – entailing content previously available on HBO Now and HBO Go. Whether it is the twisted technological storyline like Westworld you are interested in or a hilarious, sarcastic take on the current politics portrayed in Veep that interests you, HBO Max has it all. 

HBO Max Android 

You can also find all the Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to binge-watch on the Android app for HBO Max. However, HBO Max Android is only available in the US due to licensing issues imposing geo-restrictions. So, besides luggage and check-in, the biggest concern of people traveling outside the country is how to get HBO Max in Canada on their Android phones in geo-restricted regions. 

This article explains in detail about getting HBO Max for Android from anywhere worldwide. Read on, and you will never have to miss your favorite show or be bored. 

How to Get HBO Max for Android from Anywhere Around the World 

First, owning an Android smartphone is a must; otherwise, you must use an Android emulator on your PC, such as the Nox player. It is important to make your HBO Max account with an Android phone. Let us elucidate the rest of the process in steps. 


To download the HBO Max app, you must change your country to the US in your phone settings. It is crucial because the app would not install unless you appear to present in the geo-accessible region for this streaming platform, which is the USA. 

For this, you need to change your location in the Play Store. 


Once you install the app, you will see a message prompting you that the service is unavailable in your country. The simplest and obvious way to surpass this hurdle is to sign up and download a reliable VPN. A VPN helps hide your actual IP address corresponding to your real location and connect to a virtual remote server of your choice. 

To use HBO Max seamlessly anywhere in the world, you must connect to a server in the US using a VPN. However, you should know that when it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming platforms, free VPNs do not work. You must sign up for a paid and reliable VPN, such as Ivacy VPN, for these purposes. 

Follow these steps to connect to a US server that makes you appear to be present in the country for a seamless HBO Max Android experience. 

  1. Sign up and download the Ivacy VPN app 
  2. Sign in to the app and search for available remote servers in the US 
  3. Select one server, and voila! You are now connected to a US server, and you can now surf the HBO Max Android app easily. 


Upon launching the HBO Max app, you can now scroll through the endless list of movies and TV shows on HBO Max without any glitches. However, you must go to the Account icon at the bottom right of the app, which will direct you to the ‘Start a Free Trial” page. Follow the instructions on the page, and you can easily set up an HBO Max account. 


Following the account setup, you will again see a prompt indicating, “Start a Free Trial.” You must use your Google Pay account for this step – and do not worry, the app does not give an error if the payee detail is from outside the USA. 

Your account will be debited a certain amount used for authentication purposes which will be reimbursed later. The next step is to add your credit card information, and you are good to go after clicking on ‘Let’s Go.’ You can start streaming your favorite shows and movies right away. 

Best VPNs for Accessing HBO Max Android from Anywhere in the World 

  1. NordVPN 

It is rated as the best HBO Max VPN with a secure and buffer-free experience. 

  1. Ivacy VPN 

It is one of the most pocket-friendly VPNs after SurfShark VPN for unblocking various popular streaming platforms and sites. 

  1. PureVPN 

With a Pure VPN subscription, you can unblock HBO Max, Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. 

  1. Atlas VPN 

Its speedy service makes Atlas VPN a hassle-free choice for accessing HBO Max from any region. 

  1. IPVanish 

It is a powerful VPN that easily blocks HBO Max with its massive network of servers throughout the US. 

In a Nutshell 

It is sad enough for Netflix users to know that Friends left Netflix. However, it is sadder to know that HBO Max has special rights to the show when you are outside the US and cannot access HBO Max due to geo-restrictions. 

This article has provided everything step-by-step and in detail so that you can surf through and watch your favorite shows on HBO Max for Android from anywhere in the world.

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