What you need to know about purchasing brake chambers

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An air brake chamber is a brake bank that uses air brakes. When air brakes are applied, the brake chamber rod is pushed up against the lash adjuster by the brake chambers, which causes the s-cam to rotate. They are in charge of giving the brake pad gap adjuster the air it needs to turn back and forth.

The S-cam then pushes the brake pads into the brake drums. A brake chamber rod moves forward the lash adjuster when air brakes are released in order to disengage brake pads from brake drums.

Step # 1

As soon as the truck or trailer has been parked on a flat surface, apply the air brakes. It is recommended to move the rear wheel chocks and the front wheel chocks.

Step # 2

The air brake chambers are located near the rear axle of a truck or trailer. As the brake chamber retracts, the lash adjusters are attached to a threaded rod.

Step # 3

The threaded rod should be measured from the rear of the brake chamber to the point where it joins the fork attached to the lash adjuster using a measuring tape.

Step # 4

In order to remove the T-tool from the brake chamber, it must be removed. T-tools must be purchased if they are not already attached to the air brake chamber. The T-threaded tool’s end should be inserted into the chamber with the threaded plate inside. Turn the tool’s end clockwise once it has locked onto the insert’s inside. 

Step # 5

To remove the airlines, loosen their ends with a metric open-end wrench and remove them from the brake chamber. The mounting nuts holding the brake chamber to the mounting bracket should be loosened and then removed using a ratchet and socket. Align and take out with pliers the cotter pin holding the gap adjuster as well as the cotter pin inside the shackle fastened to the threaded rod’s end. Remove the cotter pin from your finger using your fingers. 

Step # 6

Place the replacement brake chamber in a vise and count the threaded rod measurements from the brake chamber’s back until you reach the desired number. Using a hacksaw, cut the rod straight through the marked measurement. Following the cutting of the new rod, the distance should match the old rod exactly. Use a file to smooth out the new threaded rod’s uneven edges.

Step # 7

The brake chamber, ducts, and threaded rod can be reconnected by sliding the chamber through the bracket once again and following the previous procedures backward. The bolts on the brake chamber should be tightened with a torque wrench and socket.

Once the air brakes have been released, rotate the truck. The lash adjuster should be able to move back and forth in the new brake chamber if there are no air leaks. While applying the brakes, deactivate the engine. 


  • Strapping tools (T-tools) are common features of air brake chambers. If not, the majority of truck and trailer parts retailers sell frame tools.
  • To ensure that the new brake chamber fits correctly on the lash adjuster, take precise measurements before cutting a new threaded rod.


  • To keep the truck or trailer from moving while you are underneath it, use wheel chocks.

Items you will need

  • wheel pads
  • measuring tape
  • Notebook
  • Handle
  • Caging tool – T-tool
  • adjustable wrench
  • Metric wrench set
  • 1/2″ driven ratchet
  • 1/2″ floppy drive connector (standard)
  • Pliers
  • New brake chamber
  • melok
  • hacksaw
  • file
  • Wrench

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