Microfiber Car Cloths: Best Way to Clean your car

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You can’t simply pick any old towels when washing and protecting your car. Microfiber is the material to use to clean and maintain your vehicle thoroughly. Some manufacturers produce these towels exclusively to be kind to a car’s surface while removing water or dirt. 

You can clean your car yourself at the same time it takes to go into an automatic car wash. Using the finest materials may initially cost some more, but after a few uses, they will have paid themselves. In this writing, we are going to be discussing everything about microfiber car cloths.

What are Microfiber Car Cloths?

Microfiber is an artificial fabric. Microfibers are 200 times thinner in comparison to a single human hair when split. These fibers split to create significantly more absorbent materials. They can get rid of many microorganisms, and even challenging to eradicate spores. Microfiber car cloths have a surface area four times that of cotton cloth. It’s also highly absorbent. It can hold seven times as much water as it weighs!

How to clean car with Microfiber Car Cloths

When cleaning the car, it is first necessary to rinse off all the dust and dirt from the surface, and you will have to use soaps and detergents. 

It’s time to use your microfiber car cloths to clean the surface of your car after rinsing off the detergent and suds. Fresh microfiber towels can be dampened by dipping them in clean water and squeezing them out. A moist microfiber towel will simultaneously wick away water and eliminate grime. Additionally, it lessens friction between the towel and your automobile for a safer, scratch-free drying method. 

If your microfiber towel is full of water, wring it before continuing. If the towel looks soiled, be sure to rinse it. Your drying towel shouldn’t have any soapy or soiled water on it because that will leave behind residue and stains.

Top 10 Microfiber Car Cloths

1. Waffle-Weave Towels By The Rag Company

These microfiber towels are undoubtedly the best for your car because they have more than 400,000 fibers per square inch.

Many people believe that the 100% South Korean incredibly soft AA-grade split microfiber is the best microfiber on the market. These towels have the softest, most scratch-free application available and have a 400 GSM rating.

2. Ultra-Plush Drying Towel by Adam’s Polishes

This cloth achieves high grades for softness and absorption and offers adequate coverage for 29 by 36 inches. It requires minimal user effort to pick up water droplets and can dry a complete mid-size vehicle in a single pass. Soft long-pile microfibre car cloths are used on one side of the product, while more absorbent polyamide fabric is used on the other. It is advisable to ensure that the soft side is doing so whenever coating is applied.

3. SoLiD Microfiber Towels

The SoLiD microfiber car cloths are comparable to others you may have used in the past. This material is available in many different forms and is sold for various uses. 80/20 microfibre is used to make the SoLiD towel. This 400 GSM cloth is approximately five times stronger than its more affordable competitors, claims the producer. Furthermore, these towels have a water absorption capacity of nearly ten times their weight.

4. Premium Microfiber Towels by Chemical Guys

These Chemical Guys microfiber cloths are perhaps the most renowned microfibre car cloths used for cars. They are incredibly absorbent and have 380,000 strands of highly advanced loop microfibre per inch. One side has a smaller pile, and the other has a plusher pile.

5. Water Magnet by Meguiar’s

This cloth, specifically designed for drying, as its name suggests, covers a sizable 22 by 30-inch area and works swiftly. Additionally, it has a waffle pattern for maximum absorption. 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide make up the composition as usual.

6. Mighty Cleaner Professional Super Soft Microfiber Towels

Mighty Cleaner professional microfiber towels are the top pick for challenging applications and frequent usage. These towels are well-made and are the ideal size for the majority of vehicle applications at 12 inches by 12 inches.

But what separates them as some of the best car towels available? They are fashioned with durable, 540 GSM thick microfiber material. In addition, they are of far more excellent quality than the normal towels from hardware stores.

7. Wooly Mammoth Drying Towel by Chemical Guys

This enormous microfiber drying towel is 36 by 25 inches in size, and the edges are silk-banded for a softer touch. You will immediately notice the material’s plushness, which leads to outstanding absorbability. 

You can dry your car in one pass because it can store more than a gallon of water. The company uses finely split fibers arranged in a spiral pattern to achieve results. A fabric softener will lessen the static charge and decrease the drying efficiency. Thus consider using it with this product.

8. Yellow Edgeless by Maxshine

Due to the thick suede structure of these five 16 by 24-inch towels, “supersoft microfiber” is guaranteed. These microfiber car cloths have two sides, one with a long pole that is gentler and one with a short pile that is more abrasive. They work well for drying, polishing, and washing without producing a lot of lint.

The material is 80 percent polyester, and during washing, the deep fibers help catch dirt and pull it safely away from the paint. The cloth’s very small size may also take more time and multiple wringings during the drying process.

9. Simple-Magic Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

There are occasions when you can argue very forcefully for quantity above quality. And in this situation, many reasonably high-quality microfiber towels are accessible at a fair price. Simple-Magic microfiber vehicle towels come in a 60-pack that is perfect for time-conscious drivers and stylists.

These microfiber car cloths have the capacity for absorption is one of their main selling points. According to the maker, these Simple-Magic towels can absorb up to eight times their volume in water or other liquids. This is remarkable for a cheap towel, making them great for cleaning with chemicals or wiping off the water.

10. E-Glass cloth’s Polisher

Unlike many other microfiber cloths, this set of four has a stiff, rough surface with a minimal pile height, making it ideal for using elbow grease to scrub dirt off metals, windscreens, and mirrors.

Keep these away from paint since they could cause minor scratches in a clear coat that is incredibly delicate. Each cloth is 20 by 16 inches and is made of 80% polyester. The product’s manufacturer guarantees it will endure for at least three years or roughly 300 washes.


Are our microfiber cloths suitable for the car?

A high-quality car cleaning tool to have is a microfiber cloth for cars. The car microfiber towels are excellent for cleaning off the interior and outside of your vehicle following cleaning and washing.

Can microfiber cloth scratch my car?

Towels made of superior microfiber will never damage the clear coat. Due to how soft such towels are—much finer than the paint finish—you risk harming the paint even when using the gentlest kinds of microfiber.

What is the best cloth for car cleaning?

The best microfiber car cloths for cleaning your car have been listed above. You could choose one according to your needs and the one which suits your requirements.

What is the best cloth to dry cars with?

Microfiber cloth is the best kind of cloth to clean your car, which you can use to dry your vehicle once done scrubbing. 

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