The Top Items to Include in Your New Mum Hamper

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Welcome to the world of being a new mum! As a special treat for all the hard work, effort and dedication you’ve shown during this time, why not treat yourself or the new mum in your life with a special New Mum Hamper? These hampers are filled with thoughtful items designed to make this momentous occasion even more special.

Whether you’re after items to pamper her, celebrate her new arrival or just provide some comfort during these first few months as a parent, there is sure to be something that will make her feel extra special. Keep reading to find out what makes up these hampers and what options are available.

What is a New Mum Hamper

New mum and newborn baby hamper Singapore is an excellent way to show your appreciation and support for a new mother. It’s a great idea to give one as a gift before or after the baby’s arrival. These hampers are filled with thoughtful items that will make the transition into motherhood easier and provide comfort during this time of adjustment. 

So, what exactly should you include in a new mum hamper? First off, pampering products like body lotion, bath bombs and aromatherapy candles can help soothe any stress or tension she may be feeling during her new role as mom. A book or magazine subscription is also an ideal gift for her new found free time when the baby is sleeping. A luxurious nightwear set can also help make those late night feedings more comfortable. 

Practical items such as reusable nappies, wet wipes and nursing pads are must-haves for any new mother. To ensure she has enough energy to get through those long days and nights of feeding her little one, some healthy snacks like granola bars or protein shakes could be included in the hamper too! Lastly, don’t forget about items for the baby such as infant toys and teethers that will keep them entertained.

Benefits of Giving a New Mum Hamper

As any new parent knows, becoming a mom is both an exciting and daunting experience. From the joy of holding your newborn baby to the stress of sleep deprivation and constant care, raising a child comes with its own unique set of challenges.

To help make life easier for new moms, consider giving them a new mum hamper as a thoughtful gesture. Here are just some of the benefits that come with giving a new mum hamper.

It is an excellent way to show your appreciation for all that she has done in preparation for her little one’s arrival. From reading up on parenting tips and shopping for nursery items to attending doctor’s appointments and sorting out childcare arrangements—new mums have certainly earned their stripes!

A hamper filled with thoughtful items like luxurious skincare products or comfy nightwear can let her know just how much you appreciate all that she has been through.

It also gives her something special to look forward to after months (maybe even years!) of anticipation and planning. After enduring long hours of labour or coming home from hospital empty-handed due to Covid restrictions, nothing quite beats receiving something special just for herself after bringing home her little bundle of joy! 

Ideas for Contents of a New Mum Hamper

As a new mum, you deserve to be pampered and spoiled. One of the best ways to show your appreciation is with a special hamper full of goodies. Here are some ideas for what you can include in a new mum hamper:

1. Pamper Products: Make sure your hamper includes luxurious pampering products such as body lotions, face masks, bath bombs and hand creams that will help the new mum relax and unwind after all the hard work of being a mother! 

2. Food & Drinks: Add some delicious treats like chocolate bars, cookies, tea bags or coffee sachets so she can enjoy them during those late night feeds or whenever she needs an energy boost! 

3. Self-Care Items: Being a new mum is hard work so make sure your hamper includes items that promote self-care such as eye masks for when she needs some extra shut eye; soothing candles; natural essential oils; books/magazines/audiobooks to escape into another world and even some comfortable clothing items such as slippers or fluffy socks to keep her warm on those chilly nights! 


The new mum hamper is a thoughtful and welcome gift for any new mum. It contains all the essential items that she needs to care for her newborn baby, as well as some special items to remind her of this special time in her life. Whether for a friend or family member, the new mum hamper is sure to be appreciated by any new mother, making it an ideal present to show your appreciation.

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