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Rugs contribute more to an interior other than just comfort, and they distinguish one space from another. When we wisely pair rugs with the correct furnishing, they accentuate a room. Not only that, they can define a space and make a room appealing. 

When you enter a luxe room, it’s by the furnishing and the feeling it brings on, that you understand, it’s a sumptuous room. When you want to count on the same ambiance in your space, one most common ways is to renovate it fully. There is another way to do so and that is, to design it.

Designing a room varies from individual to individual. So as you seek to create your space, you can opt for great accents in your décor.

Shaggy Rugs can be the perfect furnishing for a room that would help you achieve desired look and comfort. They are like the artwork done on the flooring of your space. This adds personality and brings in an exclusive atmosphere. 

If you are just out to shop for luxury area rugs, you will realize that there is an array of options in countless styles, designs, patterns, and colours. Some elements like rug size, material, and maintenance should be considered when buying a luxury rug. 

In this blog, we have provided you with 9 stylish ways to how you can decorate your space with luxury rugs.

1. Behold with navy:

create a cosy factor with some gentle feel underfoot. Place a sumptuous navy-coloured shaggy rug in your bedroom. The navy colour in its attractiveness will demand the attention of the beholders as you place it in front of your bed. You can style your bedroom in monochromatic colours and place this luxury area rug. This will help you transform your space and give it a rich look.

2. Stay with grey:

with embellished curtains and other ornate accents, you can style a corner of the room to give you a luxe feel. Pair a geometric pattern luxury rug such as the Heka rug that will help tie a room.

3. Staged in beige:

leather is an important material that is never overlooked when we seek luxury items. A beige luxury rug with a low pile would be opulent enough as a floor covering. This can be placed in a living room with a soft colour tone. 

4. Blend well in beige:

the den of a house can be styled by placing a beige rug. A leather-crafted luxury rug with entrancing geo-patterns will add to the beautiful décor of the room only with minimal effort. 

5. Corresponding bronze:

when you seek to decorate your space with luxury rugs, they must not be restricted to only being placed in bed chambers or living rooms. Place a bronze luxury area rug in the dining area, which will correspond to the room’s styling. You can also add themed shelves to make it casually elegant.

6. Express in red:

red is a powerful colour. You can place a handwoven red luxury area rug in your desired room. This will help exudate comfort and style. It will bring energy and define it all together.

7. Soothing white:

create a room that holds harmony by placing luxurious white shaggy area rugs. You can put it in a bare space of the house and pair it with a green armchair and off-white cabinets. It will bring in a soothing effect and add stability to a transitional room.

8. Classics in black:

The black area rug blends well with any elements. You can style a black luxury area rug, matching a room’s accents in white. They help create a distinctive interior décor by adding depth and magnificence to a room.

9. Freshness in Aqua:

the entrance of a foyer can be styled assertively and subtly. Laying down a luxury aqua rug with ottomans resting side-by-side will make the space upscale from ordinary to swankiness. 

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