How to choose a bulldozer for construction work

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When choosing a bulldozer, there are a few key details to be aware of. By paying attention to these important nuances, you can make the right choice.

When choosing equipment, pay attention to the Chinese manufacturer – as a rule, their prices are much lower than those of foreign companies, with optimal quality.

In order to correctly choose the bulldozer you need in terms of parameters, you need to clearly understand for what purposes you are acquiring it (or renting it). The type of bulldozer you need depends on the type of work and materials.

To decide on the variety of models and choose the most acceptable in terms of quality and price, understand the criteria and signs of modifications. For example, to begin with, based on the goals and materials of the work, the mass of the bulldozer is determined. For example: if you need a bulldozer to construct a building, you can choose standard bulldozers that weigh 20-25 tons. Such bulldozers have a direct blade and hydraulic skew.

For example, a bulldozer with a larger mass is needed for those who plan to perform more complex work with it, work with dense materials. To select a bulldozer with higher productivity, you need a more powerful front blade and engine power.

How to choose a bulldozer by the type of blade? 

It all depends on the material with which you have to work. For denser ground, bulldozers with a lower blade capacity are needed. The standard bulldozer does not move as much material as more effective modifications. In mining quarries (with high material density) a straight blade is required, and in other cases a hemispherical blade is suitable.

Types of bulldozers

The three most common types of such machines are:

General purpose bulldozers have a blade rigidly fixed to the frame, which is convenient for planning work, as well as for excavating soil in trenches and pits.

Special Purpose Bulldozers, equipped with a blade that can swivel or perform special functions. For example, a brush cutter.

Bulldozers with special attachments such as a trencher, cable layer, ripper, and excavator bucket.

Application area:

  • Preparatory work includes the removal of shrubs, uprooting stumps, clearing the area, and cutting the vegetation layer.
  • Site layout.
  • Development of soil in pits and trenches in conditions where it must be transported no further than 50 m.
  • The device of the roadbed, especially in cases where the soil moves from cuts to embankments.
  • Backfilling of pits, pits, trenches with soil, which must be moved a short distance.

How to choose a bulldozer

When choosing a bulldozer, it is important to know its main characteristics.

  • Hook pull. It depends on the engine power and on what base the bulldozer has.
  • Blade dimensions and design, characterize its purpose.
  • Availability of attachments for the production of related work.
  • After the nature of the work and its volume is determined, the appropriate bulldozer is selected according to the technical characteristics.

Where to get a bulldozer?

It is economically feasible to rent a bulldozer. This will not only significantly save time, but also allow you to get significant advantages compared to acquiring this equipment:

  1. Significant funds will not have to be spent on buying an expensive car.
  2. You can use not one bulldozer, but two or as many as necessary to complete the work. The important thing is that they will be equipped with the equipment that is needed today.
  3. There is no need to keep skilled workers involved in the management and maintenance of the bulldozer.
  4. The technical condition of the rented equipment will always be satisfied because it is monitored and repaired by qualified, experienced workers of the lessor.
  5. All issues related to the operation of a rented bulldozer can be quickly resolved with competent specialists.

The use of a bulldozer with the right characteristics will reduce the cost and reduce the time of work.

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