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The average adult in the US spends 2.25 hours on social media daily. More than 70% of individuals have positive experiences with businesses on social media.

Users on Facebook click on a total of 12 advertisements per month. Approximately 80% of Twitter users consider a business genuine when they get a response to their tweets. 81% of the individuals use Instagram for researching products and services; 46% of the users on TikTok engage in the app without distractions, and 4 out of 5 individuals on LinkedIn drive business decisions.

These are a few statistics that prove the power of social media marketing.

To start with, social media marketing is a kind of digital marketing that uses different social networking sites to meet marketing goals and become popular.

But it is not just about creating a business account and posting whenever you want. It requires a good and evolving plan with measurable objectives.

So, are you ready to get started with your social media marketing campaign? Here are some tips to kick off right away:

Create Diverse Content

Content is king, not only in social media marketing but even in the other areas of online marketing. So, you must post regularly and provide valuable information that your target audiences will find interesting and helpful.

Creating diverse content that is essentially an amalgamation of announcements and updates, industry and local news, quick tips and how-tos, contests, questions, polls, and insights and data will bring more business. It also entails the use of different formats that social media has on offer, like videos, stories, images, online stores, live streams, and more.

Using different social media channels for business marketing helps your business project itself across each platform’s unique voice and environment.

Take the example of ‘Airbnb’, an American company for vacation rentals and tourism activities. Launched when its founder could not afford its rent, the company now boasts 100 million users, 2.3 million listings, and a total valuation of $31 billion.

And it is all because of its digital marketing plan that entirely relies on user-generated videos and images on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The posts and how-to videos of the company are geared toward well-known city guides. At the same time, their Instagram campaign matches compelling pictures of varied travel locations with humor, making it something more than just a service.

The lesson here is you can use something as simple as a video maker and create engaging visual content related to the business you are serving, and dollars will follow.

Don’t Just Post-Participate

There is no use logging in only once during the month to schedule all your posts. Remember, social networking sites are communities where you need to pay attention to the users who engage with your content and engage back by responding to their comments.

You can also post real-time questions and polls and run live streams to spark discussions and repost others’ content.

Use The Right Content Creation Tool

Instagram is not the only visual social media platform – all of them are.

And if you want to stand out in a user’s feed, you must make it a point to accompany all your posts with attention-grabbing visuals, illustrations, images, and text turned into creative art.

For this, you need to use the right content creation tool, like Insta video editor, with features and templates that can help you create professional-looking visuals in no time.

Take the example of ‘JetBlue’ here. This low-cost, American airline service uses its different social media profiles for easy and fast customer service instead of using just Twitter for posting special offers and fare discounts.

The effect of this strategy is so profound that its feed only includes @ replies which are unusual in the social media marketing world.

Repurpose, Repost, And Re-Cycle Content

Social networking sites are crowded, and if you are considering gaining traction with your audiences, you must keep posting good quality content regularly.

And the secret to doing this is repurposing, reposting, and recycling content.

Content recycling involves posting Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to YouTube or re-sharing top-performing blogs for new followers to check out.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing content. You can create Facebook posts from any customer review or splice a blog into different Tweets.

 Just remember to do it in moderation.

Repurposing content is a good way of filling up gaps in the content calendar. You can repost on Facebook and re-tweet influencer and user-generated content. You can even curate content from different authoritative sources and then share those links in your posts.

Derive Value From Your Feed

It is good to look out for different ways of showing up in other individuals’ feeds, but at the same time, you must also work on curating your feed to derive value from it.

Follow all your competitors so you can place tabs on them; get ideas you can include in your strategy, and identify the gaps you can easily fill.

You must also follow popular influencers if you want to stay right on top of the trends and if you want to educate yourself. Also, follow brands sharing your values or those with great content plans for out-of-the-box ideas and inspiration.

Use Analytics To Measure Success

You need to track data to determine the success of your social media marketing plan. For this, you can use Google Analytics, one of the best social media marketing tools, to help you measure your campaign’s success and determine the strategies you need to abandon immediately.

Advertising on social media is one of the most cost-effective ways of expanding the reach of your business. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook ads can get you and your business right in front of a huge audience, provided you play your cards right.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the size of your business, the right social media marketing tools can help you in connecting with your audiences in a better way, in reaching new prospective customers, and in increasing brand awareness. If the possibilities seem overwhelming, remember that you can start small and branch out gradually.

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